Drumroll please…..

I feel like the first post on a blog should be awe inspiring and/or hilarious. Maybe this one will be hilarious because our life is a little crazy right now but doubtful. As I write this, Cole and I are recovering from the stomach flu, Owen is out cold and Erik is barfing, literally.  For Christmas, I bought Erik the cd Rend Collective Experiment, which I highly recommend, and I have been rocking it a lot. When I am stressed, trying to make Cole sing or rubbing the back of a puking child I keep going back to this one song called True Intimacy. It makes my heart sing with the music, so enjoy these lyrics and I hope they stir you to seek Jesus even more diligently 

“Whatever I have, whatever I hold, There’s nothing compared to having You close. True intimacy is my desire. To catch Your whispers and carry Your fire. You’re my ambition, my destination.More than living, more than breathing, You’re the reason my heart’s beating. There’s nothing greater than knowing You. You unlock my joy, You waken my soul.Forever I’m Yours, forever You’re mine. A wonderful truth that You are my life. You’re my ambition, my soul’s true mission.More than Living, more than breathing. You’re the reason, my heart’s beating. So I’m giving, freely yielding. You’re the reason, my heart’s beating.There’s nothing greater than knowing You, nothing greater than knowing You.”


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