Living in Fear

In my creative life, I have recently realized that I am held captive by my fear of failure. Afraid to put the brush to canvas because it is probably not going to come out how I envision. Afraid to turn on the sewing machine because I know I am not that great at sewing. Afraid to make a decision on furniture because then maybe I am not as savvy with decorating as I thought. Afraid to have a blog because what if I find out I have nothing to say. Afraid to step out on a new personal adventure for fear that I will feel like a total failure and loser. Lame I know because none of these thing even matter. Who cares if my painting doesn’t come out how I wanted, my furniture doesn’t match or that this next adventure may not go as I hope. Regardless, I have been laying awake at night for three days now feeling consumed by these thoughts of fear. My life is full of schedules, plans, obligations and chores. I would love to be able to feel free in my creative life. As I write this I think all these things I fear, I fear because I could fail. Is failing really that bad? What is it about failure that leads me from living a life of creative freedom? While I ponder this, enjoy these quotes that inspire me.


4 thoughts on “Living in Fear

  1. I have felt these same fears, Sarah! I have to keep telling myself that doing something today–imperfectly–is better than envisioning it perfectly in my mind–but never actually taking the first step.

    Love your blog!

  2. Thanks Brenda!! I was hoping if I spoke about my fear, it would lose it’s stronghold. Glad to know I am not the only one. Are you challenging yourself in anyway right now?

  3. Yes, actually. 🙂 I “suffer” from paralysis by analysis. LOL Basically, I study something until I’m blue in the face, but never get around to implementing it. At this time in my life, I would like to start a small business from home. Finding the right fit is the issue, but I need to stick out my neck and DO something and not analyze so much! I’m seeing a little progress!

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