I’ve been busy

Wow, it has been awhile since I posted but that is real life and the only way blogging is going to work for me. Erik had to go out of town for 4 days last week and I had the boys all to myself for the first time. Surprisingly we made it and actually semi enjoyed it. I stayed up late every night enjoying the quiet and indulging myself in Parenthood marathons and working on Noonday ordering. I owe a special thanks to a few friends and family members for helping past the time, play dates saved the week for sure.

I was also able to mark one book off of my reading list, ” Call of a Coward” by Marcia Moston. I loved it!!!! It was a really quick read, which I appreciate seeing as I have three thick library books on the nightstand that I need to get through. It was really insightful about life on the mission field, going and doing things you never expected God would ever call you to, dealing with the confusion when things don’t work out how we thought and start to doubt that we heard Him in the first place. It is the story of her family moving to Guatemala to work in an orphanage and then being uprooted and sent to a completely different place that didn’t seem to make sense. I told Erik he should read it as soon as I was done but I was having a hard time not telling him the whole story in the first 5 minutes after reading it. Glad to have one book off the list. Next up ” The Searchers” by Joseph Laconte.

I wanted to share this video with you as well. We have some amazing friends who are moving to Ethiopia this spring to work at an orphanage. They heard of another couple working in Addis and have been following their blog to learn more about life over there. The family in Addis does video updates in lieu of a newsletter. It is a great idea and it is really gives you an idea of the work they are doing and of the impact they are making. So here is their video and next time, after I ask permission, I will share more with you about my friends and the work they will be doing at the orphanage



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