Christians and Social Justice…

I have been mulling over my thoughts, scripture and writing this post for a long time. Even now I write this hesitantly because I am not good with words. I don’t know how to explain myself well or pinpoint my main thought. But writing out what I feel for my own blog, is important to me. This is what is what I am thinking and chewing on frequently and have been challenged with everyday for the past several weeks.
It all started when I read David Platts book,” Radical.” Challenging doesn’t begin to explain it. Besides the Bible, no other book has just sat with me and been a constant companion of my mind. The premise of the book is to present this idea to the reader that only seems radical but the bible just calls it obedience. The idea is that maybe God was being literal and serious when He spoke about such things as the Great Commissions, caring for the widow and the orphan, etc.  Platt challenges the American church and their tendency to believe that portions of scripture must not be taken literal or are not meant for us today because they come at a huge cost, require sacrifice of time, money and sometimes life. Platt also throws out this crazy thought about where we would be and have been taking the gospel if we didn’t count our lives so dear to ourselves. It’s true for me. I am positive there are a few mission trips I wouldn’t have passed on had I not been full of fear for my safety.

There is a ton more I can say but with little ones running around, this is all I have time for for now. Take a fresh look at scripture and ask yourself if you are buying in to a comfortable lie you have told yourself. If we decided to really live out the gospel by loving on people in a radical way, caring for orphans and widows, being active for the poor – what would that look like in our churches and in your own life? For me, it has meant advocating for orphans on my facebook page, helping adoptive parents fundraise, buying necessities for foster kids, praying for the widows I know and being active in my pursuit to serve them. It also means I started selling Noonday Collection. I sell fair trade accessories like jewelry, bags and home goods. All these items create sustainable income for men and women in vulnerable countries. These jobs provide them with dignity, health care, literacy training, job training, access to basic essentials and schooling. For me, it means getting to the root of the orphan crisis and caring for moms and dads so they can keep their own children, so they can provide for them. That should be the heart behind orphan care-keeping families united and then allowing ourselves to be used when a family unit can not be kept together for various reasons.

Isaiah 58:10 “Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.”

I will try and follow up this post with some suggestions of ways you could get more involved in acting out the gospel.


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