5 Cent Update

It has been a while since our last update and much has transpired. I sit writing this from atop a beautiful new couch we probably should not have purchased ( the sweet cheap couch we rolled the dice on from habitat for humanity apparently came from the cat with a hyper active bladder habitat) in our war zone of a living room littered with the contents of as many boxes of our shipment as we could open. The event was filled with all the excitement of Christmas morning as we ransacked box after box to discover anew our precious possessions we have been eagerly waiting for.

All we can do is sing His praises as The Lord has shown up for us in such a big way around every turn. There have been countless situations where we have been able to witness the Lord do amazing things to include a wonderful rental in Kaneohe, a great job for me (Erik – I start Tuesday), a family car for a great deal, my car made it over, our stuff was delivered today, and we are all feeling much better! Writing this list doesn’t even do what The Lord has done any justice because there are intricacies of each situation where we can so clearly see the Lords hand. I am learning in a big way, that The Lord is so big and amazing that He somehow has everything set in motion for His will. We can either fight against it, try to do what we please and face the friction that comes with self will, or we can surrender every moment to Him and His leading – even the frustrating things. For example, we rented a U-haul truck for a few days to try and find some used furniture (ps, to anyone ever moving to Oahu, we HIGHLY suggest bringing EVERYTHING or simply enough money and directions to the nearest Ashley’s furniture store and save yourself the time and headache) and I wanted to return it today but we ended up keeping it. Well the movers showed up with too big of a truck to ascend mount Wayland that we live nearly on top of and we ended up making a few smaller trips with our rental truck instead of the movers having to figure something else out to charge me more!

not trying to be hyper spiritual, but we have seen he Lord do so many amazing things that it is changing the way that I look at situations that don’t necessarily go according to my plan which has a tendency to frustrate and mildly anger me 🙂 – instead, I am now starting to think and ask The Lord when something doesn’t go the way I plan what The Lord is doing and has in mind. It is a freeing and faith building and a cool new development for sure.

All in all we are good. very Good and I wanted to update our friends and family and proclaim the Lords goodness and faithfulness to us.

We love and miss you all and i still want to write more in part 2 of the challenges of this adventure and share some of the incredible highs and lows we have experienced daily and share the affects thereof.

Be blessed. Thank you Lord!


Da Jonsgaard’s


Progress Report

I, Sarah, will try and keep it brief as I am manning the kids on my own right now because ERIK is at a job interview right now. We got approved for a rental in Kaneohe a few days ago and we sign all the paperwork today. We are stoked and anxious all at the same time. We have no idea what Gods plan is for us here, how He will provide for our finances so we have to fully trust that God is directing every step. That every part of our rental fulfills all the needs we know nothing about. 

I feel like I have been pretty withdrawn since we got here. There is so much to take in. We have been living out of suitcases, managing life and living in other peoples places for almost two monthes. every aspect of our lives has been unknown, planning for a life where most of our questions are unanswered. The question of if and when I get a job weigh heavily on my mind, mostly at 3in the morning. Adjusting to a life where people look different, speak differently, the food is different and way more expensive, housing is very different than the resort Hawaii people know. all of it is in my face every second, as I am tripping over the suitcase for the 100th time and the kids are swinging from the ceiling because they long for more ocean time and some consistency. 

In all of this, I have never doubted Gods call for our family. I struggle with laying down the things I think I need and want but I always find God knows best. We thought we really wanted this one rental here. We sent a friend to look at it, filled out the application and called a lot to follow up. It never panned out and we were clueless why it was taking over a week to hear back. We got here and realized the commute would have been a nightmare so we told them we were no longer interested. Gods provision again. So as I look forward with great expectation. To the day when Hawaii looks and feels like home, when I know the best and worst times to go to Costco, when my kids have friends, when we have our rhythm. Right now I will wrestle with my will, of giving up what I think would be our best and trust because He is faithful and we see it everyday. we are blessed to be here in Hawaii, to be reassured that God has a calling on our lives, to be one step closer to what He has for us but I just want to be honest. We are posting beautiful pictures on social media sites and I am sure it may leave some longing or jealous. Never the intention. There is a lot of hard stuff going on behind the scene you can’t see but God is working all things together for our good Romans 8:28. Aloha

Oahu or bust! ( take 2 )

Aloha friends and family! A quick status update for you all – but 1st a quote that sums up our situation beautifully :

“When any child of God decides to step out in absolute obedience to do the will of a God, there will be frantic effort by the powers of darkness to block him. Obstacles will spring up to hinder and discourage that one. The possibility of obedience will seem more and more hopeless. When things are the blackest and most discouraging is the very time not to give up.” Isobel Kuhn

We are blessed and stressed and clinging more so than resting in His promises that He has this all worked out. Today has been a good day as far as our moral is concerned but we certainly ride that roller coaster daily and even moment by moment of hopeful highs and desperate lows. We attest to Psalm 27:13 “I would have lost heart if I did not believe that I would see the goodness of The Lord in the land of the living.” It is perhaps the same sort of belief that was had by the father of the possessed kid in Mark 9 – “I believe, but help my unbelief!”

By the ministering of the Holy Spirit I’m sure, we always get back to the place of knowing with the utmost certainty that although we don’t know how or when, we are convinced and fully believe this is exactly what we are supposed to be doing. In these moments of absolute certainty we find rest.

As of this very moment we are waiting to hear the results of our application for a 6 month rental on the North Shore which by all appearances (pics and through a friends eyes) will fit the bill. this is our first experience being on the Receiving end of the “Island time” mentality over which we have no control. The rental market is CrAzY in HI right now and we are typically 1 of 10+ inquirers on every rental thus far. We have booked a great priced vacation rental for a week and have more rental options we are already scheduled to view once we get on island.

Also, I (ERIK) have my 1st job interview lined up for Wednesday the 16th with a staffing agency on Island so we are stoked about that! No clue if they will pay what we have budgeted for let alone if I will be the right fit for it but an interview is exciting news!

We are so grateful for all of your prayers and moral support and pray that this leap of faith pleases our Lord and encourages & strengthens others’ faith to Trust Him fully. This is not a fool hearty battle cry to spin the globe, thump a finger, and LEAP! But rather to seek Him whole heartedly and if He says to go or stay or do anything, no matter what the cost, to trust and Obey!

We love you all, covet your prayers and look forward to having some hindsight views and praise reports to share soon.

Walking by faith,

The Jonsgaard’s