Progress Report

I, Sarah, will try and keep it brief as I am manning the kids on my own right now because ERIK is at a job interview right now. We got approved for a rental in Kaneohe a few days ago and we sign all the paperwork today. We are stoked and anxious all at the same time. We have no idea what Gods plan is for us here, how He will provide for our finances so we have to fully trust that God is directing every step. That every part of our rental fulfills all the needs we know nothing about. 

I feel like I have been pretty withdrawn since we got here. There is so much to take in. We have been living out of suitcases, managing life and living in other peoples places for almost two monthes. every aspect of our lives has been unknown, planning for a life where most of our questions are unanswered. The question of if and when I get a job weigh heavily on my mind, mostly at 3in the morning. Adjusting to a life where people look different, speak differently, the food is different and way more expensive, housing is very different than the resort Hawaii people know. all of it is in my face every second, as I am tripping over the suitcase for the 100th time and the kids are swinging from the ceiling because they long for more ocean time and some consistency. 

In all of this, I have never doubted Gods call for our family. I struggle with laying down the things I think I need and want but I always find God knows best. We thought we really wanted this one rental here. We sent a friend to look at it, filled out the application and called a lot to follow up. It never panned out and we were clueless why it was taking over a week to hear back. We got here and realized the commute would have been a nightmare so we told them we were no longer interested. Gods provision again. So as I look forward with great expectation. To the day when Hawaii looks and feels like home, when I know the best and worst times to go to Costco, when my kids have friends, when we have our rhythm. Right now I will wrestle with my will, of giving up what I think would be our best and trust because He is faithful and we see it everyday. we are blessed to be here in Hawaii, to be reassured that God has a calling on our lives, to be one step closer to what He has for us but I just want to be honest. We are posting beautiful pictures on social media sites and I am sure it may leave some longing or jealous. Never the intention. There is a lot of hard stuff going on behind the scene you can’t see but God is working all things together for our good Romans 8:28. Aloha


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